14 May 2011

Waves on Sand

Waves of euphoric desire
Crash upon sandstone cliffs of doubt
Eroding and crumbling resistance.
Caught in a whirlpool of emotion
Swirling miasmic samsara
‘Till it finds you
and grinds you
and refines you
as silica polishes glass.

The sandpiper peep-peeps
Running in circles
Fleeing the wave
That brings her next meal
While the gull drinks in deep
Of both sea and salt-air
While just beyond a sand dune
A turtle buries her eggs
Like secret seeds
Of future dreams
Her lonely life just begs.

And we make love
In the sand
On waves of tumult and calm
Caressingly lap at wet bodies
Foamy aphros bubbles up
Euphorically lifted
On pounding surf
Riding each
As it rises and swells
Undulating sensation
Carried up as yet unfamiliar streams
Back to the Source
Sated. Yet, hungering more.

(c) 2011

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