11 September 2010

Dedicated to those who once knew me and now just look through me...

"You don't stand a chance against my prayers...
You don't stand a chance against my Love..."

09 September 2010

A Good Day

To step outside of the uterine walls
To stumble and fall
To jump without a 'chute and fly without a net
To risk it all on a long shot
To be your own light while you ride a dark horse
And hunger for more after the last course
To look for love in an unlikely place
To see yourself in every face.

(c) 2010

08 September 2010

Awakened by a Dream

You have awakened in me a dream
that is so precious, so rare, so beautiful
The Life that you described to me
The Love that you express for me
The Passion that you arouse in me
And the Peace that we have found (in) each other
Has culminated into a fierce realisation that we were born to be together
I have found you and you recognized me
And we are One until the final sustained chord of God's unknowable Purpose.

(c) 2004