28 May 2011

A Senseless Story

First string
String quartet
String theory
String me along
String bean
Stingy stripling youth
Studiously strumming
Strung out heart strings
Serendipitous strip tease
Don’t tease…please
Singing stinging
Strophic structures
Stronger sturdy
Stalwart ruptures
Several severed strumpets strolling
Seven seraphim on trumpets trolling
Serenade servile servitude
Platitudes of gratitude
Serrated unsated grated
Serving sestinas for siesta
Gracias. Por Favor.
Set not your sights
Nor your store
Nor sink your tooth
Into this truth: That
What is set aside
Set apart
Will one day
Steal your very heart
Steel your mind instead
Set the stage
Set to music
Set in motion
Striding stringently
Stroking seductively
Stoking intensity
Simmering obscurity
Shining sprinkling sparkly spreading
Saturation masturbation
Stupendous stupidity
Rank rigidity
No safe word
No wafer bird
No one ever heard
Such a silly senseless story.

(c) 2011

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