13 May 2011

Saturn in Aquarius

I am the One who has Saturn in Aquarius.

I am the one who can Quiet the Mind, Focus the Attention and Gain Intuition.

I am the one who hates to waste time!

I am the mother who tells you to wear sensible shoes.

I am the drill sergeant who busts your ass in Basic to save your ass on the battlefield.

I give you common sense and the ability to find the common denominators in common relationships; To see the ties that bind.

I give you lessons learned by limitation.

I give you no shortcuts to the top.

I want you to set aside the Ego and find the Impartial Truth of Universal Law.

I want you to submerge certain instincts in order to accomplish goals and make dreams a reality.

I want you to be aware of the passing of time.

I want you to soldier on.

You will remember, by slowing down, the values of Maturity, Patience and Sacrifice, either for later, greater gratification or for the Good of All.

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Stephanie said...

Wow! Thank you! :) Peace, Stephanie