18 May 2011

Hummingbird Medicine

"Hummingbirds are revered in indigenous cultures, especially in Central and South America, where they proliferate. To have Hummingbird as your power animal is indeed very fortuitous!

Hummingbirds are masters of vibration. They can see into the near ultra - violet range (violet is the color of the crown chakra, which connects us with the etheric realms). Their rapidly vibrating wings give them an unsurpassed buoyancy, speed and maneuverability in flight. They can shift from a very swift heart rate while in flight to a very slow rate while at rest, allowing them to conserve energy. Their beauty, delicacy and refinement matches the flowers that they pollinate. Flowers are like chakras and Hummingbirds love red (passion), pink (love) and orange (creativity) flowers and their long pointed beaks and pinpoint accuracy in using them allows them to extract the sweetest nectar.

When we have Hummingbird medicine, we are lighthearted and adept at modulating our frequency, enabling us to fly freely in multidimensional realms. Our mastery of vibration and finely tuned focus allows us to fly with passion, love and creativity, obtaining the sweetest joy - nectar in any situation. When at rest, we can go into deep meditation and when active, we move with grace, refinement and efficiency, excelling at sharing our gifts (pollination) in a way that helps others open their chakras and blossom into the beauty, bliss and freedom of self - realization.

Astrologically, we can see that Hummingbirds embody the qualities of Uranus (unique, flight, freedom), Mercury (swift, agile messenger), Chiron (mastery of vibration, pinpoint accuracy) and Venus (beauty, grace, refinement, delicacy). I humbly offer you the gift of Hummingbird Medicine!" ~Geordie Numata

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