02 June 2010

Personal Statement

During this transitional phase of my life I have been working on a personal statement. Something to use in my daily practice to help remind me who I am.

It is a work in progress, much like myself.

With fearless optimism I trust the process I am going through.
I believe in the inherent goodness of the Universe.
I am accountable to my highest power first.
I am honest, honorable and act with integrity.
I have faith in myself and trust my inner wisdom.
Patience is my spiritual practice and my authentic self is the creative expression of my divine purpose.

I endeavour to improve myself everyday without seeking the approval of others and I am constantly evolving.
I create a loving and thriving environment for myself and for those around me.
I cultivate a generous spirit. I am compassion, understanding and empathy.
I protect myself from others' negative energy and return it with love and forgiveness.
I live my truth to the best of my ability.