04 July 2012

SoulCollage ® ~ Quetzalcoatl

I am the One who is Quetzalcoatl.
I am the Feathered Serpent, Toltec ruler, shamanic helper and Lord of the Aztec dawn.
I am the One God of the Sky.

I give you resistance to the winds of misfortune.
I give you sustaining maize, holy books and the sacred calendar.
I give you my heart as the Morning Star, a link between Heaven and Earth.

I want you to bring me offerings of birds and butterflies and to sacrifice only your ego.

You will remember when your own inner transformation brings higher wisdom to the collective consciousness.

When time and timelessness are meaningfully conjoined and the cycle of days begin and end as the serpent swallows its tail, you will remember.

You will remember when the God of Heaven returns to its rightful temple within the human heart.