20 May 2011


I have Nothing to offer you except a full and honest expression of myself. Too few really understand the value of Nothing. That Nothing is more essential than Nothing and Nothing frightens more than Nothing. Nothing is the highest art that seems so deeply foolish. It is useless to the senses. Its imperfect appearance deceives the mind’s need for logic. It’s only when we surrender logic that we achieve a more enlightened intelligence. Intelligence and eloquence depend upon a willingness to be stupid and awkward. This has been my shining satori, a heart breaking open into Nothing.

I want Nothing but.... But what really holds me is the mystery of that spark in someone’s eye that ignites the spine and tells me there is more going on here than I could ever hope to learn in an hour or twenty-four. But it’s all ok too, if I never do.

Whatever we do, let’s not make this an All or Nothing thing. We, you and me, are not the eternal thing. The eternal thing is all of us and everything. I have a deeper understanding of this now. I welcome you with open heart and open arms and consider the luminous wisdom and warmth of friendship that you’ve shown me to be a precious gift. And it is without shame and without pride that I assert I do savor that blessing.

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