06 October 2005

Any comments?

I have agreed to permit comments to my blog for all of the one of you who read it. I suspect that initially I was apprehensive about the comment feature because I a) loathe criticism, b) am afraid of some nasty spammer, and c) am simply shy. But I suppose that the whole effort of this blog is to practice my writing discipline and a natural part of that process is reader feedback, even if it be in the form of constructive criticism. And so with arms flung wide, I open myself up to your well-aimed arrows of commentary.

1 comment:

Mhari said...

I am right there with you. Not very good at understanding why people have to bust out the commentary in a thoughtless sort of way. But, way to go for sticking yourself out there. If nothing else, you get to see who reads your blog regularly.

Also, just wanted to thank you for reading the blog we have for our daughter and thinking it's worth coming back to regularly. She's pretty incredible in our book. But, she's ours, so there's a giant bias on our end.