28 September 2005

Travel bug

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
- Augustine (354-430)

I saw this quote in two different places today. I think "someone" is trying to tell me something.

We were planning to go to Sacramento this weekend to visit our niece and her new baby. But this morning I woke with a sore throat and I'm afraid if I don't start to feel better we'll have to postpone because I don't want to get the baby sick.

A life-long dream of mine has been to travel to the British Isles. This seems like a no-brainer that this should be our first "BIG" destination trip. So we're planning to do it for our fifth anniversary. Sometime in 2009. But it seems soooo far off. Meanwhile, we have lots to learn in planning this vacation of a lifetime.

I'd also like to travel to Hawaii, just to swim in clear, warm ocean water. I'd avoid all of the tourist-y spots and go for the more remote, camping out on a secluded beach. Waterfalls a must. And fragrant blossom breezes.

And Tahiti. That would be a trip! I just like hearing the French language spoken and the tropical lifestyle.

Sometime (before I turn 50) I'd like to see India. Visit the homeland of my guru Paramahansa Yogananda. See the Taj Mahal, that monument to love.

I have a passport that's two years old and never been used. I've only been outside the US to Baja California in Mexico and to Alberta in Canada, which is a pretty sad declaration considering I wanted to be a travel agent or airline ticket agent when I was a kid, just so I could travel the world. Ah, the forsesaken dreams of youth.

In my own homestate of California you can't beat Yosemite for immense natural beauty. Which is where we spent our honeymoon.

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