13 October 2005

Mired in Miers

So many things about this Miers nomination to the Supreme Court sicken me. Not the least of which is that I find myself in agreement with Pat Buchanan. Oh Lord, the end MUST be near. But Buchanan is merely stating the obvious which EVERYONE must see and that is that Miers qualifications are “utterly non-existent”.

It would seem illogical that’s she’s never ever been a judge, never once. Not on a muni-court, not small claims court, not even traffic court... nothing. What kind of message does this send up? That any lawyer (if s/he sends the required amount of flowery cards and kudos to da-man) can find themselves bound for the highest judgeship in the land? I mean, don’t lawyers have big enough egos already? The ones I know do. Does this means that I should be on queue for having novels published just because I’d like to be a published writer? Even though I have none of the credentials required for such an honor. All that I need to do is to start up a relationship with the head of a big publishing house and send them their favorite chocolates or brandy or birthday cards and I’m in. Right? That’s all it takes? Puleeez.

I can understand how the Roberts nomination went through (despite MY representatives objections). At least he had some creds.

But Bush seems to have really lost what little grip he may have ever had on his mind. The guy is out of control. But then I said this would happen back when I was preaching to the choir of my friends and family last October and November: If he gets re-elected he’ll be a loose cannon with no fetters on his boundless stupidity. And thanks to all those red counties in America that prediction has come to pass.

Why are so many opposed to Miers? I believe (and I’m not claiming to be some uber-expert on the matter) that the right is opposed to her because they can’t predict what she will do and thereby can’t control her. The left are opposed to her merely because she doesn’t have the criterion required for the job. A job from which she can only be fired by God herself.

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