20 October 2005


To all one of you out there who are reading this blog regularly you may have noticed some subtle changes I made recently to the Links column. The old Favorites are still there. While I’ve been linking around, trying to still figure out what the buzz about this blogging thing is, I have stumbled onto a few that I wanted to share, or if nothing else, provide quick and easy access to for myself.

I started reading Leonard Pitts when I subscribed to a daily newspaper. I think I am agreement with him about 90% of the time. I since stopped subscribing to the daily newspaper convinced that it only brought sad/bad news into the sanctuary of our home. So I look up Leonard online. He writes for the Miami Herald but his columns reflect a national conscious.

I remembered reading something by Robert Scheer that I liked around 9/11. I found him again recently on Truthout. He’s a straight shooter. I like that. I’ll be getting re-acquainted with his writing in the near future.

Working For Change is a site I found today while researching Prop 80. We’re having a special election out here next month and I am determined to vote against everything Arnold is pushing. But the wording in my voter pamphlet on this proposition was more confusing than most. So I went to the Secretary of State website to see who was putting funding behind it and against it. Discovering that Working Assets is in support of it I am comfortable maintaining my straight line against all of Arnold’s initiatives. If you have some information with which you feel might sway my vote the other way, I welcome it. But be forewarned I plan on mailing my substitute ballot by early next week.

Wunderground is a site I’ve linked to for quite a while. Members can upload photos. Some of them are quite beautiful and professional in quality. I can waste several minutes a day here.

My Wish List is just what it says. I saw some other bloggers post their wish list and so I thought I’d be shameless too. It’s just for fun. But just in case you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas or my birthday, I’ve made it quite easy for you now, eh?

Bitch PhD is yet another liberal blog. I’m still getting to know this feminist liberal blogger, but I could not resist linking up to her once I saw the photo in the header. I’m the shocked one in the background.

Blue Streak is one of those blogs that makes me wonder, “where do these people find the time?”. But at first glance, I like that she has a link to a Yiddish Dictionary. Knowing Yiddish and some Latin phrases makes me seem pretentious but I like it anyway. The blog has mega-links and seems to have some cultural depth with book and movie reviews. I can always use a little culture and not the moldy bread kind.

Ok, well that about does it for today. I’ve actually been handed some real work. Uggh.

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