08 September 2005

Having read that FEMA workers and National Guardsmen are retrieving dead bodies from the hurricane area and tying them to fences and trees is one of the most repugnant and sickening things I have read yet. This whole thing just gets more disgusting by the day, no - make that by the hour. Specifically, the government's piss-poor response to the tragedy. And those same morons are telling news reporters that they cannot photograph the disgrace which the Guardsmen and FEMA workers are now causing because the government is trying to protect the dignity of the deceased. What a fucking crock of shit! How fucking UN-dignified can one get than to have its lifeless body tethered to a tree. Reeks to me of lynching. If they wanted to show any dignity to these poor people they would take them one by one or as many as can be put into a transportation vessel at one time and taken immediately to a morgue for identification purposes and notification of next of kin as best as humanly possible. It just goes beyond all common sense to treat these people in this manner. I am deeply ashamed of my government. This is atrocious. My God, I try to imagine how I would feel if it were someone close to me. But THEY are. These are our neghbours, our fellow-citizens, they are human beings. And they're being treated like waste and debris. It is ungodly and inhumane. And may God have mercy on their souls. Read it for yourselves:
FEMA Censorship

There are also reports of policemen refusing to help survivors and of abandoning certain groups who asked to be evacuated. This article out of Great Briton states that Britons were abandoned and refused help because they were foreigners. It also reports how they deserted a group of women on a rooftop because the would not show them their tits. WTF? I try not to be gullible and believe everything I read on the internet or even what I hear on CNN but sometimes you have to believe the eye witnesses who were there. How could anyone make this shit up? There is going to be hell to pay for a long time to come for so many.

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