23 June 2011


The fabric of society
Is ripping at the seams
Sub-prime market swindlers
Destroyed American dreams.

While our lives become more threadbare
With every Wall Street excess
Pollyanna meets Doubting Thomas
Along the Main Street of distress.

Foreclosure, unemployment
Have wrecked your credit score
And that wolf at your front door
Just had puppies on your floor.

Our moral compass broken
Compassion all but lost
Leading success rates of failure
While the weak pay the cost.

Joe Sixpack drinks a debt death brew
Suffering the pains of poverty
Choking on the bitter dregs and
Toasting our mutual misery.

The lunatic fringe feral government
Drove a big rig down a dead end street
With corporate personhood at the wheel
Constitution’s trampled under feet.

Jails and shelters over flowing
In the north and in the south
National debt keeps on growing
Like rhetoric from a lipstick mouth.

Middle class, Middle America
Who haven’t a dime to spare
Will meet for Sunday dinner
On the corner of Futility and Despair.

Tycoon capitalist overlords
Are buying property on Easy Street
While good folks in bad times
Find it harder to make ends meet.

© 23 June 2011

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