09 June 2011

a Tribute ~

Poetic verses he could pen
Lacking rancor and repentance
And found within these eager ears
A ripe and ready acceptance

His poems he gave for nothing
Like some Promethean fire
Seductively enticing
An uncontrollable desire

Erotic heady phrases
Consumed imagination
Probing words that left me
Open for interpretation

With dexterous prolificity
Wove a web of total trust
Tempting proscribed promiscuity
Stoking wild and primal lust

This Don Juan Casanova versifier
A Pirate by self-definition
Spun cautionary tales of beguile
Spurning my own admonition

Implicit wicked parlance
Made it feel so good to be bad
For a dreamy illusory fantasy
It was the best sex I never had.

© 2011

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