30 June 2011

and everything comes to america ~by Doc Huckster

and everything comes to america
the sufi buddhist but we gotta give it back
and everything you give a fuck about
you can carry around in one little garbage sack

records books but these are obselete
photographs lost i have precious memories
poems i wrote but i set them free
i wrote them on water rest in peace

we are gypsies dancing making love
eating sweets drunk on the wine
swirling swirling we spiral down
to the awakening of the deep divine

your skin is glowing illuminated
the darkness love just before the dawn
music playing then a beautiful silence
as we stand naked looking into the great beyond


Another offering from another of my talented Facebook friends. Doc regularly stuns me with the depth of feeling in his poetic allusions. A self-described Southern Zen Poet, he is not only one of my favourite poet friends on Facebook, he is one of my favourite all-time poets. I am so grateful for the window that Doc and his lovely wife Terea share through their words and pictures.

He even looks the part of the quintessential beat poet.

There's some deep water there in South Carolina and Doc is tapped into it.

(photo courtesy of Terea Doster)

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