22 April 2009

Written Word Wednesday

I could write about today being Earth Day. I could write about today also being Professional Administrative Day, which used to be called Secretaries Day. But other than the fact that I feel these are days which we should celebrate everyday, I'm not going to write about either of those things.

Instead I'm going to write about Facebook. I've had a Facebook page for a couple of months now. What I have enjoyed most is finding old friends from the many various phases of my life experiences, including friends from as far back as elementary school. Facebook has proven to be the vehicle for bringing these disparate areas of my life, of my friends and family and acquaintances together in one convenient place. Granted, much of it is still tedium bordering on the extreme.

One thing I don't like about both Facebook and Myspace is the lack of a notification when one of these virtual friends drops me from their friends list. On the one hand, these sites will send you a notification if one of these friends so much as winks wickedly at any passing fancy. I just would like the opportunity to try to ascertain just why I was dumped. If only for the purpose of being a better virtual friend in the future. Was it simply that you were trimming the fat from your friends lists? I completely understand, if we haven't had contact for twenty plus years, why dredge that past up again. Or was it the liberal viewpoints I expressed or were some of my other friends too freaky for your conservative viewpoints? I don't know, I just get curious about these things.

I refuse to play any of those goofy Facebook applications, games or quizzes, so don't even ask me. I'd just like to keep it as a place to catch up with the busy lives of my friends and family. I presume that most people who use these sites, feel as I do, that these social networking sites are mostly just a time drain with very limited beneficial attributes, despite the fact that some of my friends seem to take every quiz that comes across the screen. I must insist on my own refraining. I don't have time for such nonsense now that I've got to start working on getting my first million followers on Twitter.

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Frank said...

I have gotten caught by the "application-monster" a couple times and I as well hate all that useless time/mental drain.