17 April 2009

This blog will not be monetized

My Blogger Dashboard is now displaying a "Monetize" hyperlink. When this link is clicked I am informed that I can have Google AdSense ads running on my blog that will be geared towards my reader's interests based upon my blog's content. And every time one of my readers clicks on the ads I can earn money. By now we've all seen blogs that have taken up this opportunity and I don't begrudge any of my fellow bloggers their entrepreneurial right to monetize or not to monetize. But I hereby make a declaration this day that this blog will not be monetized.

Some time ago I devised a top-secret plan in order to prompt me to post more consistently to my blog. Well, I can't really call it top-secret any more since I am divulging it now. But I tried to tell as few people as possible, in hopes that it would not sabotage or throw light on my laziness when I failed to fulfill. It's like when you don't tell people that you're on a diet so that you don't risk being chided when you're caught cheating. So if I state it here then I have to stick to it, right? Well, almost, these are still my rules and I'm the only one who has to follow them and I'm the only one who can enforce them.

So far, as according to my plan, I've managed to be fairly consistent with the Music Monday posts. It's easy, it's fun. I've even tried to keep current with the Friday Poetry posts. I mean it's not like I'm writing them myself (although that would surely challenge). I am simply sharing those poems and videos that I find resonance with. Even still, I hear the inner voices criticize that I'm only regurgitating stuff that can be found elsewhere on the internets. No originality. So sue me. No really, don't. I work for a living. I don't have any money. And this blog will not be monetized.

Also and by the way, most of the pictures you see on my blog are taken from the treasure-trove of images known as the internets. If any of these violate someone's copyright or if anyone simply takes issue with any photo or image just contact me through this blog and it will be remedied to the satisfaction of the proper owner of the particular image. Otherwise bugger off. As I stated already I make no money nor profit of gain by this blog and this blog will not be monetized.

Now it's this Written Word Wednesday prompt that gets my palms sweaty. I've seen other blog authors make a regular post for "Wordless Wednesday" and I thought I might try that, but then I realised that it would not be any different from any other day for me. You see while I've fancied myself as this writer type I really don't practise the art all that much. I especially don't find great comfort in sharing what I write. There are three main reasons for this. First of all, I am a very private person. Secondly, I can't fathom why anyone would care what I have to say. This worry and source of inner conflict has plagued my blogging since its inception. And finally, I have had a bad experience of someone using what I have written in this and other blogs to hurt me and my loved ones. So while I appreciate truly interested readers I am leery of anyone who gets too interested. I think one has to have a deep sense of trust in the overwhelming goodness of people in order to put their thoughts out in the public arena. Sometimes I want to challenge myself to writing once a day in the blog. And maybe some days I will, like today when it's a good hair day and trust levels are high. But at a minimum, it will be my ambition to blog whatever has been weighing on the mind each and every Wednesday. But like I said my rules to break.

And this blog will not be monetized.

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