29 April 2009

Progs v Dogs

John McCain Tweet: "According to the media: flyover photo op cost taxpayers $328,000 – I think it’s more!"

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to be a Blue Dog Democrat. I'm a Prog when it comes to most social issues but when it come to government spending our money like a whore at Victoria's Secret with an AmEx gold card, it just makes me wanna scream.

As to the Arlen Specter switch, only an idiot would call themselves a Republican these days (sorry John, but you're in it up to your neck and they've got you by the balls, just look who they forced you to take on as your running mate). Any republican with half a brain should defect. However, I predict that the Democrats, once they maintain a majority, will split as well, between the fiscal conservatives and the social progressives and a new two party will emerge. The Blue Dogs will consist of moderate, conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans, while the Progs will be the more liberal Democrats. Either way the Republicans are going the way of the dinosaur. Get over it already.

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