11 August 2006

Statement of Intention

I am a seeker of truth and a student of life.
I will not harbor false hopes nor suggest negative predictions.
I will strive to be sweet in all my speech, if I cannot be sweet at least be truthful if I cannot be truthful I will be silent.
I resolve to be more emotionally self-sufficient and less needy of others and put less importance on other’s opinions of me.

I am becoming fearless. I am compassionate. I will radiate pure love. I will maintain a quiet indifference to the changing circumstances of the world. I appreciate a keen sense of humor.

I choose to be an instrument of peace; not merely one who looks for peace but rather someone who brings peace. Returns love for hatred. Defends the absent. And admit when I’m wrong.

Kind indifference, no ill will. Non-attachment.
Peace of mind, regardless of outer circumstances.
Bemused. No more struggle. “Make the best of it” attitude.

Suffer no fools in my inner sanctum. All fools relegated to the lunatic fringe.
To be prayed for and then forgotten.

All souls that shine...I bow before you.

Om Shanti.

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