08 May 2006

Taking It Back

Moussaoui Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Convicted Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui says he lied on the witness stand about being involved in the plot and wants to withdraw his guilty plea because he now believes he can get a fair trial from an American jury.

Yes, I am back. After having been off work recuperating for the past week and watching too much bad tv, I am back with a bad-ass attitude. I believed that the jury having spared the life of Moussaoui was the correct thing to do. To do otherwise would have been a vengeful misuse of the death penalty. Afterall, he did not hold a gun to anyone's head. I always questioned the extent of his actual involvement. I believe that he wanted to be a martyr and to make a name for himself, if even infamously.

But now he wants to recant? No can do. You can't take it back. You can't go over the top as he did, mocking the court and the bereaved relatives, and then try to take it all back. No do-overs in real life, Bucko.

Similarly, I can't take back what I said today to the members of a Yahoo music discussion group that I have belonged to for nearly seven years. Not that Id' want to. I finally got a few things off my chest. Not being one who likes to stir the pot, I usually let these infights and slurs go by me without much notice and response to an even lesser degree. But after going several days without reading anything from this group due to my recuperation and recovery from surgery last week, I finally got around to reading the most recent digest. Along about the fourth message in the digest one "U" makes what he considers a most supremely generous offer of a bootlegged concert from the recent Jeff Beck tour. The time-stamp of this message is 6:08 PM PST. Along about the seventh message, less than three hours later, "U" is ranting and raving about no one is responding to his offer. I quote "Okay...maybe I'm a little cranky here, but since this place appears to be on drugs, as in barbituates, I'm gonna change the deal here. Al sent this to me without comment, so he gets one, period. He didn't say
anything about making copies for anyone, that was my idea. I figured the standard reweed deal would be cool. But, I'm getting sick of this, and I'm gonna put a limitation on this one. 24 hours is the period of time that this deal is good for. If after 6:08 Pacific time tomorrow night I have not gotten any interest, or commitments to reweed on this one, the offer is rescinded, period. Perhaps this one's already made the rounds...if so, enjoy. If not, I'm offering it to anyone who wants
it...but since virtually 3 hours has gone by with only one QUESTION about this, not one YES I WANT IT...then screw it, deals over tomorrow at supper time tomorrow.

I don't need this crap. I've already made all the discs for three people, and it's friggin' cricket-ville here. The wind is gonna blow through the tumbleweeds till 6:08 tomorrow night, then go find your own copy, or talk to Al.

I need some sleep. I'll check to see if anyone showed even the tiniest bit of interest in the morning. I won't be surprised if the answer is no...after all, this is CRICKET-VILLE, LAND OF THE TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS, now isn't it?"

Is that too much? Me thinks it is he that is on drugs. Or maybe he needs some. Who knows? All I do know is that this is not the type of person I want to know. Much less do I nor would I accept his slimy offer disquised as some kind of benevolent benefaction.

Well, I made a terse reply, which is totally unlike my character to do so. I will refrain from quoting same here because it is just not becoming of a lady such a myself. But believe me, it was completely in context with this band of pseudo-guitar player wannabees. Even the queen-bee of the group has the trashy mouth of a druken sailor and I'd just had it. I'll probably get kicked out of the group. Which will be a shame of sorts because of feelings of sentimentality, for I met my beloved, Love of My Life in this group, through a trade of recorded live music such as was the subject of this discussion. But all things must pass. And I have no regrets. I will hold my head high and be happy. Maybe, even after seven years I just haven't got the proper hand greasing technique that's required of internet discussion groups like this. Where one gets chastised for voicing a differing opinion, or showing anything less than following of the herd. I never did make it into the inner-circle, or the upper-echelon. And there's no doubt in my mind that I never will now. But that's ok by me.

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