23 May 2006


My inconsistancy is showing. Pardon me. I consider my lack of consistancy to be one of my worst faults. I just haven't felt like blogging lately. I get bored with it and if I'm bored then you sure as hell must be bored.

I started a My Space because my brother suggested I do it. But I rarely do anything he suggests, so that's weird. But I get the My Space thing even less than I do the whole Blogger thing. So, whatcha gonna do?

I looked into some fancy templates for my blog, thinking that a new look might inspire me to write more. There are some "free blogger templates" out there but it's all greek to me. I'm trying to learn HTML and some other blogging techniques just to try to jazz things up a bit. But my work and personal life keep impinging on my efforts. I even enlisted my little brother the one with the Master's Degree in Graphic Arts to help me out a bit. But that still remains to be seen. So keep watching for up and coming changes to this blog.

I got a new car. That's the really big news. A 2006 Toyota Corolla LE. Super white. What a racist sounding name for a car color. But that's what it is. I just had to have a manual transmission and that was the only one we could find in a 50 mile radius. It's somewhat nostalic for me as my very first car was a Corolla. A little red one kinda like this.

I just love it. We just got to find a new and better name for it other than "Super White". I'm thinking "Shadowfax".

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