20 April 2006

Back among the living

For all one of you who read this blog, you may have noticed I've been absent from posting for several days. But I have returned, thanks to the help and nurturing I've received I am on the mend from recent health troubles. Early on I made a promise to myself and to you that I would not plague this blog with trifles or overly explicit details of nasty health related issues. OK, so I've not always held with that promise. But suffice to say I have tried to maintain a modicum of decorum herewith. So I will attempt to put this in clinical terms and those (all one) of you who are inclined to be more curious can google the medical terms for want of more gory details. I have an endometrial polyp which has been causing hypermenorrhea. To the extreme of which necessitated a trip to the emergency room last Friday night. My wonderful doctor is confident that an outpatient surgery (Hysteroscopy), scheduled for 3 May, will correct the problem. In the mean time, I am eating iron-rich foods, taking my vitamins and hormone therapy and generally taking it easy. Thank you for your prayers and forbearance.

1 comment:

Robin Rivers said...

Oh Sharon, How painful both emotionally and physically.
Hope you are in a much better space very soon.