29 June 2012

Part-Time Job Search ~Brian McGackin

Wake up, log on, you're life's a mess:
you're on Craigslist hitting refresh.
It is boring you to death,
this part-time job search.

Though all your savings have been spent,
you know your 'rents won't help with rent.
Feeling it'll never end,
your part-time job search.

You're an adult now so don't you think it's cruel?
Forced to take jobs you had back in high school.
JCPenny by day, Chili's by night;
working overtime just to get by.

If I'm with friends and I see you
at Best Buy for an interview
I'll pretend you're shopping, too,
it's not a part-time job search.

You'd do undercover security at the mall,
or work a country club polishing golf balls.
You would take some data entry if you could,
but they won't hire you; your resume's too good.

I've got something I must tell,
you're not alone in low-wage hell.
I've been doing it as well,
a part-time job search.

I get excited when I see
job openings at Dairy Queen;
at least I'll get some free ice cream
from this part-time job search.
Sad to be on a part-time job search
You and me: part-time job search.

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