17 June 2012

Desert Excursions

A photo-montage from what will likely become my regular walking rounds. 

San Bernardino Mountain Range to the Northwest.

Our neighbors. Doesn't look like we'll be borrowing a cup of sugar any time soon!

Some of the more interesting rock formations I stumbled upon.

Just a little further into the canyon was this interesting wind-blown desert shrine.

Girlfriend needs some zinc oxide lip balm. Stat!

A little pink teddy.

A pair of shoes, for emergency use only.

Even in the vast desert of Southern California, the steadfast Canadian Mounty can be counted on to save a damsel in distress!

An intrepid desert wanderer...

The desert is not for sissies and I am no sissy. But that does not mean the desert is for me. 

The mystical beauty of this ancient desert floor is not lost on one who seeks to find beauty in all likely and unlikely places. 

The desert winds blow in a new discovery with every dawn and every night shifting sands hide as many secrets as stars dot the twilight sky.   

Every day one must reclaim territory, reaffirm presence, otherwise the desert will take over. Whether it's sweeping the sand drifts out of the corners or chasing a critter deeper into his burrow, one must make a stand or become a whimper lost to the howls of whining, sand-whipped winds.

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Stephanie said...

I love your pictures. That intrepid desert wanderer...a self portrait? Peace, Stephanie