14 January 2012

Poem for Saturday

Dreamy cerulean mists
Awash in moonlight
Between the veils
Between the sheets
Cock pierces the milky dawn
A secret group of two
Building foundations upon chaos
Ripped from syntax of parallax
Voracious visions of me
Consuming you
With mandala eyes
Concealing …
… Revealing …
Healing …
Tying you up
Letting you down
Kinky kismet daring
To sip and sup
These rosy hips
Unsanctimonious vessel
Sacred waters
Left hand of intuition
Take away pain of suffering
Concupiscence and lechery
Taken aback by your affrontary
Sweet mystery
Dark desire
Carbon dating
Ordinary time

An ember glows ‘neath layers of ash
Whispering, “Never is a very long time….”

Saturday, 14 January 2012

(c) 2012

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