19 January 2012

Don't Worry ~ Be Happy

I believe that our true happiness is one of the leading indicators of doing “God’s Will”. Which is not to say the “happiness” of being blindly led by selfish, transitory desires (which almost certainly leads to un-happiness). Rather, that contented state of being, which comes from no striving. That is where I find myself most attuned with my own god-presence, my own god-purpose. When I am in that flow things click, even my mistakes become teachers. But this takes practice and deep contemplation at times; contemplation to still the mind enough to find that place of true happiness within and practice with acknowledging but quieting all the other transitory voices.

This thought came about from a discussion on Facebook about morality and the image of God watching over us. First of all, I do not believe in a judgmental god. I do, however, believe in the concept of karma which I believe is a sub-conscious judgment of myself brought about to teach me lessons which ultimately bring me closer to G-O-D. I can also needlessly drive around the block 20 times until eventually I pull into the driveway of my home. It all leads back home, back to me, back to god. The side trips and meanderings are just part of the play, all part of the lessons we learn. And, if God isn’t enjoying the show then I must be doing something outside of His Will / my true purpose / my happiness.


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