14 November 2011

Surrender ~ SoulCollage®

sur- means high / above / over
-render means to melt

Essentially surrendering is melting into our higher self.

I am the One who seeks to find surrender.
I am the One who surrenders to this art with exhaustive abandon. I am the One who peacefully surrenders to the mortal fang of the viper as it deals a deathblow to intangible ideas.

I give you endless frustration of trying and failing. I give you the ability to hit rock bottom and to rebound in faith and trust in your higher source.

I want you to realise the futility of spinning your wheels and swimming against the currents. I want you to surrender your expectations of yourself and of others.

You will remember when you finally wake up to the truth that you are in control of nothing other than the moment when you place your trust in the Supreme wisdom of the Divine.

Thy Will be done. ~Matthew 6:10

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