29 November 2011

Because I Love You ~ by Terri Plewa

Because I love you
as a friend
or as a lover
as The Friend
or as the Beloved,
I will give you privacy.

We blast so wide open
in LOVE.
There is a violence
in some that comes
after the blast.
A violence that says
“You must stay open to me
all the time.
You must tell me everything.
You must give me everything.”

But no.
This is not love.
This is invasion.
And when Love blasts,
so much shows up.
Maybe we don’t
want to share it all.

Know this,
Dear One,
we are under
no obligation
to share the riches
of our hearts.
We are under
no obligation.
We always have
a right to our privacy.

Love is to say,
you can have the privacy
of your Heart, Dear Love.
It is yours, yours, yours
not mine.
I love you.
I take what you choose
to give.
Each offering
a sacred treasure.

We all need
a place
to hide
You needn’t lock the door
of your heart.

I will not take
the treasures
of your heart
for granted.

I won’t barge in.

~Terri Plewa

Permission to share graciously granted by the author. Please visit her blog.

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