13 September 2011


The Pisces Moon skitters across
A black slickery sky
Dousing my hallucinatory dreams
In wet, hot perfumed ambergris

Confront this inner darkness
And liberate the mask of ego
Allow the disparate forces
To come together
In the natural harmony
Of an equinox balance
Toward that Libra Sun

Releasing my heavenward arrows of aspiration

For if I am to focus the mind
I must face my fears

Fear of failure

Fear of isolation

While an alabaster heart
Pours out emotional desires that
Only frustrate the dance of two lovers
At their alchemical wedding

So look carefully at choices
As we don our intuitive wings
Thrusting the Ace of Swords
Into the air of analytical mind
Remember where it falls

This blinding truth eclipses all other lies
When one path is chosen
Another dies.

© 2011

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