04 August 2011


This is where I want to be
This is the fragrance I’ve been seeking
All my life
This is the touch
The breeze on the cheek
The look
The blush
The rush
Within my heart
Carrying me beyond
Everything I’ve ever known
Beyond all reason
Only a finger trickle of awakening
Along my spine

Why should I follow
The parade of your lovely followers
Or dance to your flute songs
When I have a garden at my feet
A celestial choir in my heart
Dance... Frolick...
You eager nymphs of Dionysus
Keep the blood, piss and pus
Keep the spit and sweat
The fucking cum
Flowing through the back alleyways, bus stops and bath houses
You beggars of praise
Suckle your broken dreams
At the breasts of idolatry.

This. This this that defies all
Logic and description
All glaring sideways glances
This. Which requires
Full attention of heart
This Apollo Sun of Truth
This is home.

© 2011

1 comment:

Sharon said...

This was the result of a writing challenge to be offensive. There are many "voices" in this piece and it is my intention that it mean something different to every reader.