21 August 2011

Pluto in Virgo ~ Soul Collage®

I am the One with Pluto in Virgo and I am part of a generation.
I am the One who is a product of the sexual revolution, the civil rights revolution, and the environmental revolution. I am the One who destroys outdated systems, whether you like it or not. I am the One who is God of the Underworld, and of things unseen.

I give you the ability look deeply within. I give you the ability to transform yourself, like a butterfly. I give you the penetrating intensity to see into what is not working and the passion to set things right.

I want you to use your power for good.

My Pluto in Virgo is a sharp-dressed man but he will cause worlds to collide in my little life just to teach me a much-needed lesson. Bullshit egos and fancy ideas will take you so far but if your shit ain’t straight that motherfucker will cut you.

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