03 July 2011


When I was younger and had presumably more time, I was prone to rush head-long, head-strong towards the objects of my desire (very often getting burned in the process). But now that I am older (wiser?) and presumably have even less time, I prefer to wait, to allow situations to unfold in the fullness of time, surrender to the process as well as the inevitable. I push the results less fervently and simply observe. And I'm not worried about outcomes. The only solid outcome is this very moment. I am content with that.

Over the years I've learned one can't rush things such as a rose unfolding from its centre or a butterfly struggling to free itself from its cocoon. That to rush such delicate, ephemeral things is to destroy its very essence.

And so I observe.
I unfold.
I struggle to free myself
from the illusion of self
I surrender to possibility while allowing for inevitability.

And so it is.

All for now.

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