22 July 2011

amaranthine dreams

I want you
To know
I straddle
The bounds of punctilio
Riding this phosphorescent
Outpouring of emotion
Set to the Aeolian harp strings
Of a soul’s ancient yearning
Ever turning toward
Its amethyst significance
Reckoning time and changing colour
Visions of luminescence
To be the name that seeks its release
From the locked keystone chamber
Of a soul’s verdant longing
On the wings of a quivering voice of recognition
Rolling off of your silver tongue
Reaching into the crystalline depths of my affection
These fingers
Grasping yours
Hoping bittersweet
Through that open door where
We stand perched
Two abreast
Glances showing
The all-knowing – YES !
Paraglide into sanguine skies of ever clear
On updrafts of amaranthine dreams
In the moonshine of passionate persuasion
Make no mistake
I want you
As the dew seeks the rose
I want you
As the lilac and honeysuckle
In their proper season
Culminate in a shining
Undercurrent of verity
Self-evident truth
Holding fast

© 2011 July 21

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