11 December 2009

Remembering the meaning of Hanukkah

So I bought a lovely menorah last year on an after-holiday sale, although I am not Jewish. However, it did not come with candles. And with the present state of negative cash-flow I was unable to purchase any in time for tonight's candle-lighting. Apparently menorah candles are of a very specific size. And after searching through junk drawers and discovering that birthday candles are indeed too small and the little white candles that fit into my Swedish angel chime candle are just a little too big, I decided that the cinnamon-scented, red pillar candle that I also bought last year would serve the purpose. Because, as I explained to my loved ones, the very meaning of Hanukkah is that there will be enough. In fact, we have more than we even realise we have. For just as it seemed that there was only enough lamp oil for one day, it in fact lasted for eight days. And that is what I am trying to remember this season. We have enough. I am enough. And whether it is red pillar candle or a Swedish angel chime or a menorah, the light is all the same.

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