17 November 2009

Sarah Palin for President...

I watched the Sarah Palin interview on Oprah yesterday. I couldn't help it. It was a train wreck waiting to happen. (I know perverse, huh?) Anyway, at the very least I expected to be entertained, and I was not let down... too much. Rest assured, I won't be buying the book, I doubt I will even read her ghost writer's purple prose and gleaning from the interview I don't expect I will miss much by giving it a pass. Anything truly revelatory will be plastered over the media anyway, so no worries there.

One thing I will give Palin a pass on is the Couric (who Palin calls "the perky one" in her Oprah interview - ahem, pot-kettle-black? but, I digress) interview. I never liked Ms. Couric from way back in her NBC days. I've always accused her of asking soft-ball questions and too often answering for or leading the very one she is supposed to be trying to elicit information from. Net = neutral.

But there is something I like about Parah Salin, I have to admit. As she is a shiny new vacuum for the American attention span I think she should get a talk show gig or something. Anything in which she does not have control over my country. Politics just doesn't suit her anyway, it's too confining for a rouge maverick such as she. I've got the perfect job for Ms. Palin! Give her the top spot at the NRA. Then she can still have the title, she can preach her passion and keep her ideology and dogma off of me and mine. (We'll save the 2nd amendment arguments for another day.)

I've nominated, can I get a second?

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