27 September 2009

We had a relaxing weekend despite the unsettling news in the local paper about the unemployment situation in California wherein Job Seekers Exceed Openings by 6-to-1 Ratio. The Employment Classifieds section amounted to less than three two-inch columns. Of course, modern folks don't search the newspapers for a job any more, but it is a gloomy indicator. No, this is going to take a much more creative approach.

I realise that I am not begging for a job but offering my services. This is the required mindset and I may have to work more than a couple of angles.

Kathy Paysen writes:

Unemployment blues
Is when you toot your own horn
And no one listens

Oh, yeah man, I'm feelin' that.

I am really loving the Ken Burns PBS series on National Parks. We have a book of John Muir's Meditations on our coffee table if that gives you any idea how much we love, honour and respect this fellow Scottish American, local and national hero. Muir's contribution in shaping this country is incalculable, his legacy is boundless. His greatest magic lies in the fact that all he really did was to point our noses in the direction of wild beauty. He didn't build great buildings like a Frank Lloyd Wright, he didn't invent things like a Thomas Edison. He simply showed us how to see what was already right before us. His passion for the preservation of the environment spread as a wildfire igniting the hearts of all sympathetic soul-searchers.

Reminding me to re-posses my own wild nature.

"And so I might go on, writing words, words, words; but to what purpose? Go see him and love him, and through him as through a window look into Nature's warm heart." ~John Muir

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Ruth said...

I haven't heard of John Muir before but he sounds like an interesting writer