11 September 2009

Obama visits my (would-have-been) alma mater

This week President Obama addressed school children on the first day of school at Wakefield High School in Arlington Virginia. It was to have been aired in schools across the country and raised a brouhaha with the closed-minded fear mongers accusing the President of attempting to indoctrinate the defenseless children. As someone who went through America's public schools most of the curriculum is pure indoctrination. Even the Pledge of Allegiance is indoctrination. But that is not the most significant thing about this speech to me. Obama will always have his detractors unfortunately. But Wakefield High was to have been my high school had my family not moved to California after my seventh grade. Many of my friends continued on to Wakefield. Home of the Warriors.

With thunderclubs and tomahawks,
we'll make your name and spread your fame.
Wakefield, we're all for you!

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David said...

I remember the swimming pool most of all, but I can also picture some football games and even the interior.