01 January 2007

The Tiger Within

The Tiger Within by Jim Warren

A self-taught painter, Jim Warren defies artistic category. A Los Angeles newspaper described him as "somewhere between Dali and Rockwell." And though Jim's style is hard to pin down , his flair for the unique - yes, even the unusual - never detracts from the impact, spirit, and emotion that he packs into every piece. Jim's artistic career hit the fast track when he won first place at the prestigious Westwood Art Show in 1975. He subsequently took additional awards, and then in 1980 blasted into art's highest circles by winning the Grammy Award for the Best Album (cover) for his work on Bob Seger's mega-hit Against The Wind. Today Jim is considered one of the best cover artists in the country, and his work has graced hundreds of book covers, album covers, and movie posters. Several years ago Jim committed his talents to promoting environmental themes and issues. One recent image of Jim's - Earth, Love It or Lose It, is a nationwide smash itself. Other environmental works typify his theme of harmony and coexistence between man and nature. "Each person sees something different in my paintings that relates specifically to them. That, to me, is what art is all about."

Writers Note: I really felt an affinity for this painting when I found it on a greeting card many years ago. I saved it because I never found a use for the card's message. Now that I have begun doing SoulCollaging I have found the perfect use for it. This painting really speaks to my inner self.

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