19 January 2007


Usually the peace protesters (aka Ladies in Black) go home at one after an hour of silent vigil, and the flag waving hawk leaves soon after. Every Friday it's always the same. But today an old guy with a beard and a bicycle who would normally look like a homeless person and maybe he is, has stayed and stayed and stayed on the same corner as the flag waver, with his "Honk for peace" sign, playing his boom box with Lynard Skynard or some such nonsense but seemingly taunting the flag waver to go home. They're both out there still like two people in a staring contest each refusing to back down

I make my way into the bank and I come out and see a white feather on the sidewalk. I pick it up and walk across the street. The flag waver says hello and I reply politely then I hand the white feather to the peace guy and we share a knowing glance.

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