17 August 2005

I read an article today. The headline that grabbed me was Book World Laments Lack of Great Fiction
Hell yeah, I says to myself. In the article I read about the breakthrough for bloggers with Julia Powell's Julie & Julia and Stephanie Klein's blog Greek Tragedy. So I check out the aforementioned blogs and sure'nuff they're pretty entertaining, well-written. The epiphany though came from Stephanie's "Bloggers I Know". I click on the first one that catches my interest Seven Squared. Seven Sqared links to "Blogs to Read" and there I spy it for the first time...Blah Blah Blog. WTF!, indeedy. That's what I called my blog! So then I am inclined to Google Blah Blah Blog and they're all over the place.






So I'm not original maybe, but I'm not a rip-off either. Purely accidental. What do they call that kind of group-think? Oh well, seems I'm in good company.

Next I'm going to figure out this hyper-linking thingy.

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