01 April 2012

Facebook Love Affair

Let’s have a Facebook love affair
It’s the latest thing, have you heard?
You’ll friend request, I’ll accept
Then hang on every word

You’ll stalk all of my photos
And my friends list too
Where in the privacy of my home
I can do the same to you

We’ll comment with discretion
Exchange a few fun pokes
You like all my cat pictures
I LOL your stupid jokes

Let’s have a Facebook love affair
We’ll never have to meet
You can make funny comments
On the pictures of my feet

We can have a private convo
To escape the noisy crowd
And tell each other secrets
That we’d never say out loud

I’ll PM you my number
But you’ll probably never call
Instead we’ll just post funny things
Upon each other’s wall

We can share our sexy pictures
The kind that makes one red
And cause one’s thoughts to roam
While sleeping alone in bed

We’ll engage in playful banter
Spiced with bawdy veiled allusion
And cause our friends to shake their heads
In baffling confusion

We’ll have our first disagreement
Over you liking that other girl’s status
And how many jokes can one tell
About the occurrence of flatus

Let’s have a Facebook love affair
Until the bubble bursts
And be the stronger of the two
Who clicks on Unfriend first

(c) 1 April 2012

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