01 December 2011

Kundalini ~ SoulCollage®

I am the One who embodies the Kundalini Fire.
I am the Serpentine Power coiled at the base of the spine.
I am the lotus flower plunging its roots deep into the mud bed and blossoming into the radiant Sun.

I give you an open heart center.
I give you self realisation.

I want you to raise the life force by withdrawing consciousness from the senses.
I want you to become inwardly ablaze and awaken from the sleep of delusion.
I want you to seek the inner light.

You will know when the energy moves upward through the triune tunnels of the astral cerebrospinal centers: the base-coccygeal, sacral and lumbar, up through the dorsal heart and cervical throat and the medullary luminosity of the Spiritual Eye into the Sahasrara Crown of the Thousand-Petaled Lotus Sun of Cosmic Consciousness and dissolving into the ineffable bliss of Spirit.

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