22 April 2011


The lessons we learn on the path to love will teach us everything we need to know. Teaching is not always about passing on one’s knowledge. It’s often passing on who you are. You can teach things you don’t even know yet, because you are still learning about yourself. As long as you continually open up to the lessons being whispered in your heart, the secret coded messages from your soul that only you can decipher, that Spirit of Love will lead you to wherever you need to be.

Even your pain can be a teacher. Pain keeps you raw. Like raw peanuts, eh? Until you heat them up in the fire of your belly they cannot sprout into seedlings of compassion. Be open to your pain but not attached to it, rather let it flow through you unobstructed. By not holding on to it you allow it to transform into the higher vibration of empathy. Still, if I but could I would, with one look deep into your eyes, kiss away all the pain that’s ever touched you.

Self-examination is part of my healing; I can’t heal it until I can feel it. I am learning forgiveness of myself for hiding from the darker places of my soul, for being to damn compliant at my own expense. It has taken me years to realize that my yielding has ultimately helped no one. I forgive myself for years of closing my eyes to my truth. But that’s all in the past and I can’t go back to sleep now that I’ve seen what I’ve seen and know what I know about love.

Love is the only worthy teacher.

All for now.

(c) 2011

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