06 July 2009

Michael Jackson ~ Dirty Diana

I have long thought this was Michael Jackson's best rock song. And just as I posted this video as my selection for Music Monday, I note that Dirty Diana is a trending topic on Twitter. I tried to find the version with Jennifer Batten on guitar to no avail. Jennifer Batten rocks.

My very first LP record was the Jackson Five's Greatest Hits. My Memaw bought it for me. She was a Southern Baptist woman from Virginia, so it sort of shocked my ten year old self that she would even agree to it. But obviously, she loved me. I won't say she was racist, I don't believe she was, but she was raised in an area and a time when people of different races did not mix. I still have the record although it is so badly worn that my audiophile husband won't allow it on his turntable. I loved that record.

Through the years, as Michael's public persona went though it's many changes, my interest waned, although I would still make a point to check out his latest new video whenever I had MTV. And he never failed to fascinate.

I watched in equal fascination his trial on child molestation charges. I believe, in my heart of hearts, that the jury was correct in its acquittal. I think the most he was guilty of was very poor judgment and of having weak handlers. I don't believe he had the heart to ever hurt a child. But he left himself open to much criticism and accusation. The Bashir interview was a major mistake. Power and naiveté are a dangerous combination. I wish his advisors would have had the cajoñes necessary to tell him "no" more often, if ever.

I have wondered if he allowed himself, possibly subconsciously, to be put in the position of being accused in order to throw light on the fact that he felt he was abused. Victims of abuse are often conflicted when they love their abuser as in the case of a parent and it can give cause for life-long inner turmoil. But I leave that supposition to the psychologists and fiction writers.

Michael Jackson was a controversial figure in life and his untimely, unfortunate death is no different. I just hope that they get him in the ground soon so he can rest in peace, if peace is even possible. I hope so for his survivors' sakes.

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