10 June 2009

I'm back....

This morning when I arrived at work and checked my voicemail this is what I found:

"for several years a lot of money is being spent and I need to be able to buy the things I want..." no other identifying marks, it seemed to be spoken in a woman's voice but the quality or tone of the voice made that to be in question, it sounded sort of tweaked, elfish-like. I saved the message and if I were more technically savvy I would post it to this blog for you all to hear it because it is somewhat of a trip to me. I even wondered if it was a message from the beyond. Because I work in a law office, it could have been someone seeking legal advice about a financial matter, but I may never know, since either they left no name or it was cut off.

Every one seems to be so focused on money these days and I am no exception. I had dreamed that once my kids were independent or at least of majority, that I would have the freedom to change jobs, move to a different location, travel. But financial constraints have made that seem ever more elusive. I begrudgingly admit this truth. Money may not solve many of life's problems and having enough money to do the things I want may present a whole new set of problems. But I think I could handle it.

Still, I wonder if my spirit guides weren't leaving a cryptic message for me. And thusly I ponder...

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