12 February 2009

I too evolve...

I learned something today that I'd no idea before. Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day. Of course, today is the bicentennial of that auspicious date in history. Both of these great thinkers were far ahead of their time in so many ways. What fascinating dinner companions these two would make.

Thank you Monkey Mind.

You know, I've never considered the theory of evolution to be any less miraculous than the creationist myths. Evolution does not discount or minimize the idea of God or even God itself as a thing or a person (~thanks John), in fact, it gives it more weight than ever. One just hopes that as we evolve we begin to do so more consciously, not so much out of a need for survival but in an unceasing effort to raise the level of consciousness in all living beings. Lest we become one of these:

Darwin Awards

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