10 October 2008

Shift Happens

Did you feel it? Did you feel the world shift ever so slightly yet tremendously, significantly? It happened yesterday afternoon at exactly 3:48 PM PST. Yes indeed, it truly did. No I'm not talking about another California earthquake, I'm referring to a comment I overheard, made by my staunch Republican boss to someone on the phone. He was discussing the economic state we're in and he said "If Obama wins, I will be personally better off financially." Oh, sure he still touts the Republicans and had earlier in the day tried to (unsuccessfully) convince me that McCain's health care plan would give me $5000 (despite his taxing of the health care benefits my boss does provide which far exceeds that $5000). Still, he said it. I'll repeat, "If Obama wins, I will be personally better off financially." This is a multiple business owner, Wharton School graduate, who eats, sleeps and walks, bottom line. He reads the WSJ, both print and online versions daily, owns several properties, is invested in the stock market. He checks his company's P&L daily. While I disagree with his personal politics, I respect his financial acumen.

Now, I've heard talk about a so-called "Bradley Effect" where polls didn't match election results because some people who claimed to have voted for Tom Bradley for California Governor, in the privacy of the voting booth actually voted for someone else. Well, maybe that might happen for Obama. But I think that the exact opposite is likely to happen far more. Forget about the Republican base who have shown themselves to be a bunch of hateful, fearful, neocon, backward cretins. Nothing short of Armagedon is ever going to change them. But some fiscal conservatives, who vote more than their faith and fear are going to quietly pull the lever for Barack Obama. And then go back to their daily lives of watching market indices and scooping up foreclosed properties to add to their portfolios, and bulking up their bottom line. At least that is what I am praying for.

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