21 July 2008

Holy bat-weekend Batman...

We went to see the Dark Knight on Saturday afternoon. We did not wait in a long line, in fact, there was only one person in line ahead of us for the 5:30 showing. However, when we came out there was a line forming for the later showings. The movie itself was pretty much what I expected. It was not overwhelmingly great. Did it provide an escape of sorts for two and half hours? Yes. Though dinner before paired with Sierra Nevada's and Absinthe didn't hurt either. Would I go back and spend another two and a half hours again on it? Doubt it. The story line was incredibly weak and predictable with too much gratuitous violence. I wouldn't recommend it for children under 13, hence the PG-13 rating, but I did notice some rather young children in the theater. Ledger was a good, creepy Joker but I wouldn't say it was his best role. In fact, my favourite actors were Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. That's about all I can say about it without spoiling. The bat-cycle is pretty cool.

Meanwhile, it seemed like all the old Batman movies were playing on the tele this weekend and we let a couple of them play with commercials while I busied myself about the house. I even noticed a Toyota commercial that used a lot Batman themes, the Bat search-light (with the T for Toyota replacing the bat-symbol) and a lot of "POW" type graphics. Even the kiddie ride at the local market was playing the old Batman television show theme song. It's anybody's guess how much commercializing crap they will squeeze out of this run.

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