23 January 2008

Open letter to people who call me at work (those of you who do not have jobs)

Dear Caller:

The cell phone I pay for you to use is for emergencies and to let me know where you are and for me to be able to reach you in the event I am on my way to the hospital or other such catastrophe. It is NOT for you to call me at work to tell me what CD you'd like me to download for you, what game code you'd like me to look up for you. Nor is it for you to ask me me to look up directions for you on Google Maps so you can find the closest fast food on your way to the movie theatre. I am quite sure that you think I have nothing better to do while I am sitting at my desk slaving for a wage in order to pay for that phone you use. But in fact I do. I actually do work. I perform a service of value to someone. However, if I continue to receive interruptions from you, that value may be called into question. So next time your speed dial finger is twitching, think twice, ask yourself "Is this something I can bother her with at a better time? Is this something I can do for myself?" And if a real wild hair comes up why not use that phone to call and just say, "Hi Mom, I love you. Is there anything I can do for you today?"



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